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How simple would it be to generate electricity on my model steam vehicle? Answered

I'm in the process of designing a steam powered vehicle could be tank or truck depending on how it performs with tracks. I aim to have a fully remote control tank with active flame throwers and spotlights, other additions may came later. To power the RC gear I'm happy to use battery but i would like to be able to power the spotlight which will just be LED via the engine which is going to be 4 single action pistons though i could get more (i lack the materials and tools to make a tidy double acting cylinder.) they opposed and in V formation. The size of the vehicle is gonna be roughly a foot wide, 0.5 feet tall and 2-2.5feet long. I want to know how i could do it if its possible so i know how much more i need to add to produce the electricity.
thank you.



Best Answer 8 years ago

You can generate electricity by adding almost any dc motor and gearing it to the right speed.

THis instructable would probably illustrate the principle to get you started.