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How test microchip used in pets? Answered

RE: microchips used in pets...how can you test/find if EMF, WIFI, electric fences, cordless phones, cell phones etc. could activate the chips?  Cancerous tumors recently formed around chips in 2 dogs (March 2010-both dogs have died & in lab shrew mouse 2009 & in other dogs 2007).  No research found on this...only large corporations stating how safe chips are.  Does anyone know?



8 years ago

Most of the things you read are pure BALONEY. RFID tags are sealed in soda lime glass, which is for all reasonable purposes is completely inert inside living organisms. In today's world most all valuable breeding and farm animals have RFID chips implanted or fastened as ear tags. This includes some of the rarest zoo and wildlife animals in the world. If there were even a hint of the problems you mention, they would never be used to the extent they now are. If you want to check to see if any particular animal has a chip implant, take it to a vet or animal shelter and they can scan it for you.

Out of interest, where did you find this "Cancerous tumors" stuff?


The chips are called "RFID microchips" If you do a youtube search on that phrase, you will discover much surprising information concerning many governments plans to microchip every product sold, money printed, and also every animal and human on earth. This was predicted in the book of Revelation in the Bible. (that everyone would receive a "mark" on their forehead or their hand)... and that the receiving of that mark will proclaim your allegiance with satan. In answer to your question... who cares if the chips cause CANCER, If they ALSO condemn your soul to hell. Cancer is nothing compared to that. By the way, these microchips are the size of the DOT at the end of this sentence and they can be scanned from up to 100 feet away. Check it out on youtube.

And we're going to microchip every amoeba are we ? Paramecium ? What drivel.

Not we, theyThey're going to put microchips in every amoeba.  It's always an unseen, malevolent they.  Don't you know anything about evil conspiracies?

Seriously though, it's time to fight wire with wire, or next thing you know we're all going to be up to our armpits in evil terminator robots.

'book of Revelation in the Bible' Thank you, for putting another black steaming crudy mark against all of us whom call ourselves Christians. It is obvious that the 'Mark' referred to could easily be a non existent one, same as the phrase 'To put a bounty on someones head' They don't have anything balanced on their head. Its just explaining that there is no way to hide. As far as ' condemn your soul to hell.', well, where to start... Here you are saying anyone with an RFID is going to hell? Does that include me as a Christian If I decide to have an RFID chip implant myself? You're on the wrong path my friend, perhaps you should take a moment to look back and see where you went astray. As a side point, youtube is just a place where people can upload videos, of anything, truth or fiction. If you are basing you facts on those same videos, then I am afraid that a lot of what you think will be mis-informed.

I'm not sure what your question is asking.

If you want to detect the presence of a nearby, hidden, RFID chip you need a reader for that particular chip.

There are a couple of different radio frequencies, channels, that are used for different styles of chips... So you have to do some research to figure out which reader you need for which chips. 

I think the implantable Verichip(r) ones operate at 134 KHz, but that's just based on a very cursory examination of some web search results, here:

Some Instructables involving RFID readers:

Regarding questions of safety, privacy, and vast evil conspiracies, I think it best to err on the side of caution by assuming that such technology is in fact evil, and then taking whatever measures you feel are necessary to defend yourself, and your children, and your pets.

If you want to build tools to seek out and destroy RFID tags, or to merely clone or corrupt them, even tags that don't belong to you, I say do it!   Fight the power!

The chips do virtually nothing unless subjected to a field which is the right frequency to charge them up. They then use a tiny amount of that power to send their ID signal back. Essentially, there is zero radio/electrical hazard. There *could* be chemical hazards -- but these are encapsulated in the same sorts of materials used to implant medical devices in humans, so that shouldn't be a significant issue. There *could* be purely mechanical hazards. I'd find that surprising too, for similar reasons. Seriously: The best way to find information on this would be to contact the SPCA, especially if they have a research/teaching veterinary hospital in your area. If they don't know what the risk/benefit tradeoff looks like, nobody does. Given how many thousands of animals are carrying these chips, I really think that if there was any significant association between them and cancer it would be well known by now.

My dog's had one for 12 years and no problems. I'm not going to worry about it. I don't think you should either.