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How they steal your card at an ATM!!! Answered

This is how they steal your credit card right in frot of your eyes! (Well, kinda)

One surveillance camera in a bank in Italy has captured these images. They clearly show how easily you may be swindled out of your money, while banking at automatic teller (ATM)

Read the process here, or just hover over the pictures for the explanation of what's happening:

  • Pic 1- The camera shows someone routinely making a bank deposit
  • Pic 2 - But what this person actually doing is inserting something in the machine
  • Pic 3 - To make sure that nobody catches him tampering with the machine, he has a friend outside to alert him.
  • Pic 4 - Once the trap is set, the victim enters the bank
  • Pic 5 - He inserts the debit card into ATM, and it gets stuck there! The victim is surprised: "Weird, maybe this machine is broken?" He looks around for advice:
  • Pic 6 - Luckily there is someone eager to help to get the card out. What "the helper" is actually after is the P.I.N. code:
  • Pic 7 - "The Good Samaritan" convinces the victim to try to enter the code again (he may blame the faulty keypad, new type of the machine, or claim to know the "secret unblocking code", etc.)
  • Pic 8 - However, the card remains stuck, no matter how many times he punches "Enter" or "Cancel". The exasperated victim leaves, realizing he will have to get his card from the bank later.
  • Pic 9 - As soon as the victim is gone, "the helper" returns to retrieve the card from the machine. Now he's got both the card AND the P.I.N..
  • Pic 10 - he withdraws the maximum amount of money from all accounts on the card, and leaves.

How it happened:

  • Pic 12 - The inserted "card trap" is just a piece of black film, which blends with black plastic of the ATM.
  • Pic 13 - The trap is inserted into the slot, with the ends slightly sticking out and glued to the outside, for an easy withdrawal afterwards.
  • Pic 14 - Once these ends are neatly glued in, it's nearly impossible to tell if there is any foreign object in the slot.
  • Pic 15 - The trap film also has special notches, to ensure that the card is not ejected by the machine when the operation is canceled.
  • Pic 16 - Once the victim is gone, the crook unglues the tips of the trap and "fishes out" the card.


Never type your PIN in plain view of strangers.

Be on guard, and share this information with your friends!


thanku i think im gonna try this

To steal money? Then you deserve to go to jail...


10 years ago

the real atms here also take your card if you enter your pin wrong 3 times

What if you have really chubby figners? Haha....

That is what the 3 chances are for!LOL

I have herd of people building fake atms that don't work..... then dropping them off. The atm gives out money but keeps your pin ad your card....

Interesting......it actually gives out money, yet keeps the card......

The one I heard of one it just read the card and the screen acted like normal, warning you of the $1.25 charge to use it, and then a PIN request, and it asked you if you wanted to withdraw etc, the type of account, how much and then it had some processing error and said to try again later, and printed off and not completed receipt, and low and behold the machine had your pin number and both card tracks stored on a PC inside the box .... It needed no Phone line, No Money, and was installed in a shopping mall with out permission...... So be careful out there.....

P.S. Check the date that it happened.

Except its 11 - 9 - 2001, would have been even more suspicious if it was 9 -11 - 2001...

We have to find out if Italy uses D/M/Y or M/D/Y

That is November 9th, September 11, 2001 was a Tuesday, in the video it says Friday and November 9th, 2001 was indeed a Friday so that settles that.

Aw....would have been something worth talking about if it were september 11......

I believe Euro typically uses dD/mM/YYYY. But don't take my word for it.

DO NOT FALL FOR THESE TRAPS! Damn, I was gonna as well. Thanks for the info.

interesting... I bet you could make one of those traps out of an old 35mm film roll


10 years ago

i think this happened to my mom once...