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How thin does porcelain have to be to get light to shine through like a soft glow? Answered

I've been trying to get light to shine through porcelain for a project at college, I think I need to go thinner and fire to a higher temperature (currently gone to 1100'c). So far I've made it about 3mm thick but had no success. Would love any comments or tips for doing this kind of thing. Thanks.


Man, porcelain is a pain to work with.  I remember my sister dealing with that stuff for awhile before she decided to stick with earthenware.  Getting it thin enough will be a problem (for structural reasons), but you can make it more translucent.  It also depends on the intensity of the light.  I would imagine 3 mm would still be too thick, even with a translucent mixture.

As kelseymh suggests, a search for "translucent porcelain recipe" is useful.  As I recall, a good recipe, thinness and firing hot enough to almost vitrify are what are required.  Check out  http://www.potters.org/subject32392.htm  

A Google search for "translucent porcelain recipe" reveals this as the fourth hit.  It claims 1.5 mm thickness, but with a particular recipe for the body.