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How to Build a Custom Sound Effect Alarm Clock Answered

Hey, I wanted to build an alarm clock with multiple, customized sound effects that could be chosen instead of randomized. I'm really new to instructables, and electronics in general, but I've thinking about this project for a long time and I'm willing to learn just about anything to get it done. Where can I find an instructable or link that will point me the way?



An mp3 player or CD player would do most of this, you'd just need an alarm-clock to trigger the play-button.

What have you got?


Neither unfortunately. Is there something more compact and cheap (something that would fit into an altoids box)?

A cheap digital watch might do you the alarm bit. But for multiple, customized sound effects you're either looking at some kind of oscillator-kit or a cheap  mp3 player perhaps



7 years ago

I know that there are some talking clock Instructables. Search for those.