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How to Charge Phone with Small DC motor? Answered

I have 3 Small DC motors that i wan't to use as generator and Charge my Cell Phone
But Without running it manually
I mean To say " I saw A Video on youtube that a Person has created a circuit when He start  first Motor with hands That is Connected To another Motor Through a Pulley, The Current Produced By the 1st Motor Will Run Second Motor Which is Connected to First Motor"
So in this Case We Don't Need any more Force to run motors Manually After Starting.
Here is A Youtube Link To That Video
, but i can't Understand his Circuit With Just a Video(No Discription)
Please I wan't to Made THAT!


Thanks For Replying
If this Thing is FAKE Then How can i Create Similar to this?
Well, My Real Dream is to Make a Project like That :(

Which can do my work without my own Effort ^-^

Any Suggestions?

Well that is the thing. you can't make something "like that" that can generate the energy without energy. You will need a constant source of energy. Something has to keep cranking and in this case that would be you.

If you want to make a generator...well that is easy, but something even remotely similiar to the fake in efficiency? impossible.


2 years ago

The video is a fake, and there is a battery hiding somewhere most likely. I would probably have gutted the transformer and hid a small lithium ion cell in it somewhere, then remake it to appear like normal.

Now while Conservation of energy is not 100% true (as it ignores the expansion of space and redshift caused by that) It holds true for basically all cases. If you want to create a con device like that, it's not that hard, the hardest part would be cleverly hiding the power source. The rest can be left up to your imagination.

Your easiest is to find an electric motor (DC) that outputs 6 volts to 9 volts - The output will be almost what the motor takes to drive it.

Then arrange a gear system to drive the motor at a good speed, measure the output. If it is over 6 volts then you can put a 5 volt regulator in series with the motor to give you the 5 volts the phone needs to charge.

Downside, You going to get VERY tired cranking the motor to charge the phone. possible but maybe not very practivcal.

Like the others said the video is a con.

That is a trick video. The concept of a Perpetual motion machine is simply not possible (under no circumstance can more power be generated then is consumed). In reality such a setup would stop pretty quickly the moment you stop giving energy.

There are many videos of "Perpetual machines", but all of them are actually just novelty projects where people put effort into hiding the real source of energy. Kind of like playing Magician with electronics, Can you hide the trick??

I think the easiest way to make something like this is to fake it. You know, hide some batteries in that lump that looks like a transformer, or maybe write an app for the phone that makes the phone look like it is charging, when it is actually doing something else.

As presented, the video seems fake, just because it seems to be a device producing energy from nowhere, in apparent violation of the law of conservation of energy,


essentially a perpetual motion machine,


Anyway, because something like this seems to be impossible, the onus is on the author of the video, the inventor of this motor-driving-motor thing, to actually show us, in detail, how it works.

By details, I mean he or she should supply us with circuit diagrams, specifications for the parts, and instructions that would allow someone else to build the same thing.

Because these details have NOT been provided, I conclude that this video is most likely fake.

But please don't despair, because there are projects like this, whose authors have provided more details. The biggest collection of "free energy" type projects, I have found all in one place, is the PESWiki site, here:


I am not sure of which, if any, of the inventions described at PESWiki, actually work. Maybe none of them work? But at least now you have some context, and you can sort of see how Youtube videos of magic-motor-phone-chargers, fit into the much bigger picture of all inventions of this kind.

You may well see a lot of things on Youtube but that doesn't mean they are all real!


This is what's called a perpetual motion machine, they do not, and cannot exist. The video is a confidence trick.