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How to Create instructables.com Answered

Here's an idea - an Instructable about how Instructables.com came to be Made by the Instructables Staff in their spare time. The first step would be the original idea. Then how some of the staff came to be a part of Instructables, how scripting started, how Instructables has changed and so on..... Oh Oh! And how the Instructables Robot came to be!!!!


in their spare time

LoL... That might be your first prob....

If someone was to create it and get some interest, then perhaps Instructible staff could help fill in the blanks for us... I would be willing to assist in this, as I believe the tale of how Instructibles came to be would be an assest to the site... Great idea..

that's good. People whi've been here from the start or for a long time cam start it. The only one that comes to mind as being here for a while is kiteman...

Damnit I explained the robot story years after tesla discovered the robot and it escaped it eventually fell in to the hands of the crew after an accident christian anthony did restyle it's cosmetic outer shell and add the ability to touch type to it's repertoire though...

Sounds cool I guess. It could be a huge collaboration and it would be cool. And Christian Anthony is the designer of the Instructables Robot.