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How to Effectively View IR Light? Answered

I was working on an IR project, and I know that electronic cameras can pick up IR light. However, I noticed that the light doesn't travel, though i also know that security cameras pick up the light a lot better. Is there an easy/cheap way to enhance a digital camera so that i can better view the light?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Most camera's meant for use in the visible spectrum have a filter that cuts out a lot of IR light since it could wash out pictures taken in bright sunlight (try looking through an IR pass filter outside on a sunny day and you'll see why). You should be able to get this filter out if you carefully disassemble the camera (watch out for the flashes' capacitor, it's deadly). Or as others have said, just increase the amount of IR light you are providing.

Editor randofo covers it pretty well HERE.

You could:
a) Increase the level or IR light
b) Decrease the level of visible light using a bandpass filter.

As others have suggested, a lot of cameras have IR blocking filters on them. You could remove this depending on the model of your camera and your willingness to risk breaking it.

What do you mean by "the light doesn't travel", i.e. what is the light that doesn't travel?



6 years ago

I read the latest iPhone has an IR filter for the main camera but
the face-time camera will show IR light.


My cellphone camera picks up IR light really well, as long as other light sources are off. If you still need light to see what you're doing, try an Infrared filter for your digital camera as its suppose to block all light but the IR light, thus allowing you to (hopefully) see it better... Just don't expect to get a photograph of a bright red, laser beam looking light, as most IR bulbs that I've worked with are much weaker than that.