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How to Encourage "newbies" Answered

*********************How to __Discourage__ "newbies"*****************

Speak of them in the 3rd person.


Demonstrate a lack of patience.

Other methods?

***************************How To __Encourage___ Newbies:

Ask clarifying questions about their poorly formed inquiry.

Assume the best of their motives.

If in doubt, assume that english may not be their first language.

Don't assume that a person has had the same educational advantages available that you may have had. Just about anyone on earth with extremely varied socio-economic status, etc may arrive here.


Other tips?


"Sandwich" the criticism between a compliment or a question that can't be misunderstood as an attack.

Phil B

5 months ago

Always assume someone doing his first Instructsble may know more than you do about several things. Remind them we all did a first Instructsble, and we who have done more Instructsbles are not consummate experts, just people who like to get or share a regular DIY fix. Any sincere effort is appreciated.

Klaatu barada nikto.
We come in peace. We have K'nex.


"Push the button Max!!!"

Not to worry though, Dr Who will show up. After all Earth is under his protection.
Makes me feel warm and fuzzy. As long as his contract doesn't run out.

Encourage newbies who do not know how to write an instructable by collaborating