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How to Find your iPod touch? Answered

A friend of mine lost his iPod. He never put a tracker on it. Is there a way to track it? Wil a store give the ip address? 



Without a tracker, there is virtually no way of finding it (excuse the pun).

What he can do is check in with Apple (if he can find the box or papers for a serial number) for warranty support or help. Can't guarantee they can help though. 

Here's the Apple link he'll put his serial number into.

Beyond that, tell him to report it to the police. They can't help him if they don't have the info. (This is why most Police Depts have huge auctions getting rid of all the "proceeds of crime" where the owners are unknown or can't be located).

The ip address will not help. It changes based on the network you are connected to. If you were on the same network, the MAC address would identify it as well as the name, but the store will not have that info.

You're out of luck from an electronic perspective. Find my iPod is your friend, you should always install it as soon as you get an iPod.

What you're looking for is the MAC address, which is kind of like a serial number for networked devices. It is not broadcast to the WWW. The IP address changes depending on what network you are on, and it also looks different on the WWW.

If you think that it has been stolen, and you have an idea of what WiFi it is on, you can use tools such as Overlook Fing(My personal favorite, and it is available on the Android Market for Free) to list all the devices on the WiFi network. If your iPod is on there, you will see the name(First name) of the owner, and can conclude that it is currently being used on the network.

Otherwise, keep checking lost and found.

Good luck!

ask where you got it from