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How to Fly for Sooper Freaking Cheap!! Answered

Are you between 18 and 22 RIGHT NOW? You're in luck.

I found this deal by AirTran called "X-Fares"

You just show up at their ticket counter and say, "Hey! I wanna get to _ with your X-Fares program!" And they charge you only $70 per leg.

I showed up in Boston 40 minutes before a flight, and got to San Francisco that same night, in two legs, with no delays. Do it! Travel the country!

Check out their blackout dates before you go. Some ("long haul") legs cost $100 instead of $70.




10 years ago

That sounds really cool. Now I just need to find a way to be between 18 and 22. That could be a bit harder. Haha.

Darn! I'm only 13. Oh well.