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How to Get Out of Halo1 Maps Easily and Quickly? Answered

  I play on Halo and I want to find out how to get out of Halo Maps easily and Very fast. I'm on a PC. PLEASE HELP


Have the computer plugged into a power strip with a on/off switch and when your about to lose, flip power off. That way you don't lose whatever points or whatever it is your trying to keep from loseing. Instead you should be trying to improve your game skills so you win, instead of wasteing yours and someone elses time playing in the first place.

I'm not meaning that I don't want to lose. It's just that I want to try to get out of the map trying to get to the desktop, but I'm not trying to avoid losing.

I think part of the point of the game is figuring out the space and either memorizing it or making your own maps. I'm sure cheater's maps exists, but if you're going to do that then I think you wasted money buying the game.

I'm not modding them. I want to find out a way to get out of the game quickly while playing halo pc online.