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How to Help Out Around Instructables Answered

People often ask how they can help at Instructables, especially if they are too far away to come in person. Below are some things you can do to help.

Welcome new users
New users are often confused about Instructables and how to get the most out of it. I used to welcome people, and when it got to be too much for me alone, we turned it over to the Instructables Robot. Unfortunately, the Robot isn't that good at responding to questions, so that's where you come in. You can welcome new members to the site by introducing yourself and leaving a comment on their Orangeboard (found at the bottom of every member's profile page). Here's an example of what the Robot says:

Hello! Welcome to Instructables!
I am the Instructables Robot. My job is to alert you whenever someone leaves you a comment or sends you a private message. I spend most of my day sending email. I like sending email.
You probably want to upload an image to your profile. You can do that
here, as well as change some of your other account settings.
After that, check out
How to write an Instructable, The Guided Tour of Instructables, and the Help Forum if you have any questions.

Welcoming people can be very rewarding, and I really miss having the time to do it myself.

Leave/respond to a comment
For some, it takes some courage to make a first comment or post a first question, and it feels really good to have that question answered. So, a huge way to help out is to engage new members with a comment -- it shows them the strength of our community and gives new members a great first experience.

Help out in the Answers Section
You're smart, share your knowledge with others. You definitely know the answer to a question posted in our Questions & Answers section.

Help us fix Bugs
We're not perfect, and sometimes we break the site. If you find an issue with the site you can post a bug report in the forums. If you do a really good job of reporting a bug you can earn a free Pro Membership!

Help Authors with their Instructables
Think you know what makes a good Instructable? You can share your insight and help authors make their work the best it can be by offering support in The Clinic.

Are you doing something more to help out around the site? Leave a comment below and let us (and other members) know what you are doing to help welcome people and keep the site awesome!


iam interested..... its pretty cool,,,,

theHi, I am very interested in science. I am interested in science. I am studying and working. I do not intend to make money from science. I just want to share my opinion and use it from the point of view of others. I have three degrees and several inventions, but since I am in Iran, even for Membership is not accepted on some sites. I am even willing to be active as a trainee on this site.

Hi Arsam,

Welcome! We're glad you're here and hope you are enjoying the site and community of creative people here on Instructables.

We don't have any current positions open for new staff or interns, but we do hope you'll share some of your own projects with us, comment on other peoples' projects, and just enjoy participating as a member of the community here. Cheers! :)

Hello, my name is Ezat Sharifi. I wanted to ask if I could be part of the Instructables staff committee. I would like to work off-site and volunteer. Meaning, just for fun, no pay wanted! I live right here, in the United States. If you have any answers or ideas, please reply back. Thank you ;)

Hi there!

Sorry for the lack of response. Some of the most meaningful things you can do to help around the community are listed above - engage with others through comments, answer questions, report buggy issues you may be seeing, and help other authors improve their Instructables in the Clinic.

On top of these things, you can become an active participant in the community by making your own Instructables, and by posting "I Made It" comments with photos of things you make with help from existing Instructables.

These are all things that mean a lot to the community of creative people that use Instructables. If you have feedback or suggestions, you're also invited to send those to us at our support email: service@instructables.com

Thanks for being a part of the community, and being willing to help out! : )

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager


Any jobs for offsite?

im from India

can you be part of staff without being at 'ibles in person?

yes, being part of the staff at home...

Thanks for this concise little guide on how we can chip in to spread the love here. It might be nice to have some place where we can see a feed, as it were, of new members. That would make it easy to welcome them!

I'm always forwarding & mentioning ideas, projects, & inventions from this site to other people. It's a surprise to meet so many like-minded strategizers out in the real world, & this website is the perfect breeding ground for evolution in this world. I've always wondered why there wasn't a website such as this out there, until I discovered it. 'Instructables' is so easy to use, help with ideas, & even simply help people learn. This world is ever-changing, & this is the perfect place for the minority of unrecognized inventors & starving artists to come to for a number of good reasons.

I really like the idea of working with authors to develop their Instructable! I work in New York city government, and so much of what we do is in outreach. We have all learned together ways to describe various city programs to a wide variety of citizens, and have worked on simplifying text in outreach materials to reach more people with the greatest possible clarity, whether it be in English, or in English with the intention to translate easily to other languages. It would be a lot of fun to ensure entries are complete, address questions that the public is likely to have, and provide additional resources for information related to references made by the author.

If it was a tiny paid position, I wouldn't mind going around the site and getting all the spelling mistakes corrected. (Please see last but one paragraph above ..."Help Authors with their Instructables"!!!!!!!

I'd even do that for free. Spelling and grammar mistakes bug me.

I see you pointed this out NINE MONTHS AGO. I think maybe I'll send them my resume. Seems like they need a Director of QA. :)

He didn't receive a response because this post is about helping out, not for applying for a job. There's another thread for that, and sending a resume to the proper staff members is the appropriate way to apply for a job. He's also not the first person to point out the small typo.


3 years ago

Well, this sound like FUN! I can give you a long history of me; I was an Engineer for almost three decades, both field work, and at an HP Lab. And I like "Instructables." I'm a "member," (although I can't remember my login: My computer does that for me.) I'd be interested in helping out. And oh yeah, I'm disabled. That pretty much "stinks," but "You deal with the cards you're handed." So I'm kinda stuck here in Idaho; travel "ain't easy" for me. I'd like to see more about working with you. (Ha HA! I guess I'm "underselling" myself here.) <grin>

Hi DeanC1

I hope that this does not come across the wrong way but as a veteran, retired Registered Nurse and a undergrad mechanical engineer myself and a little tore up from the ground up torn meniscus left knee and bimaleolar fracture right ankle (not permanent as yours must be) but a major speed bump in my life that has had major implications. The term "disabled" to me should be rewrote as "enabled" your a thinking man and an engineer to boot getting around is a challenge no question about it but it should be a driving point of creating solutions, adapting and overcoming what life benefits are handed out. Yes, you will be the slow guy in the back of the pac but there is an old adage "slow and steady gets the job done" you will no doubt overcome and the solutions you find may just impact someone else in a way you may or may not ever know. My personal solutions have had an impact on so people in my life as well others. With all that said I again hope this does not anger you, it is not meant to but rather a word of support and encouragement. Good luck, you could be just the individual Instructables is looking for.

DeanC1 are you interested in helping young people in Montana? We're next door to Idaho... I tell my patients to focus on their 'abilities'. I grew up in SF and miss my home, but I love the rural life. finally the internet makes a lot of things possible.

I would love to work on the site as a remote worker.

I just logged a bug!

I may have missed the question, but is this a paid position? Its right up my alley and I believe that I could bring a lot of new ideas and creativity to the site and would thoroughly enjoy being a part of it. Could someone contact me with some more in-depth information? Thank you,



No, helping out around the site (just like I'm doing now, by answering your question) is not a paid position. It's just something we do because we enjoy being part of a community.

I would advise against posting your email address on a public forum. It's not needed either, as this website has a private messenging system in place; also, questions asked in the forums are generally answered in the forums.

Welcome to Instructables. I'm looking forward to seeing your new ideas and creativity.

I am not sure how you manage the performance of your web site, but I have been a Software Performance Adviser for major Financial, Electronics and Transportation companies. If you think you need some temporary assistance to test any new software/equipment or resolve any current issues, let me know.

This is awesome for me, because I have been really sick for the last two years.

FYI there is a typo above see - ...Help Authors with their instrucTables :)

i what to help

I tried to leave a comment on today's Instructable about using non conventional heat sources to solder. Clicking the "Make Comment" button after finishing my comment didn't produce any apparent response. What's up?

click the button twice.

Comments sometimes play up. This is a known bug, and the workaround is to click outside the text box, then click the "Make Comment" button.

okay, well, I did try that after reading your suggestion, and it still doesn't work. When I try to leave a comment, I see a message that I have to be logged in to comment. SO then I click on the Login, but it takes me somewhere else entirely.. No place near the post I wanted to comment on.

So, basically, I give up. I won't add the suggestion about using a bit of abrasive to clean the iron tip before using it after heating it in a smoky fire.

Okay, thanks, I'll give that a try.

You into kites?


3 years ago

Hello, I am an absolute stickler for spelling and grammar and I get frustrated every time I see or hear a word or phrase used incorrectly or badly misspelled. This compulsion might bother others at times but it makes me a prime candidate to "proof" websites and articles.

Users are users and post their questions accordingly. But the answers should not only be accurate, but also spelled correctly with proper grammar, no? Therefore, I can offer my services as a checkpoint/editor/spell checker/proofreader.

And lest you think that an automated "spell checker" does the job good enough...it doesn't. I still see things like using the word "then" in place of "than", confusion of "your" and "you're", and ignorance of which (to, two or too) to use. Automated spell checkers rarely catch these and/or many more like them.

'nuf said. |-)

And lest you think that an automated "spell checker" does the job good enough...it doesn't.

That should say well. Just saying.... ;)

I would suggest for folks trying to seek out the newest members Google can help with that also ..

> site:https://www.instructables.com/member/

now look for the pull-down tools

> search tools

> any time: select 24 hours, more or custom to see the last 4 days you missed.

> sorted by relevance: change to sort by date

> you can play a bit with the all results pull-down IE: not yet visited

YMMV but I use this function to lurk many of my forums and sites for date related material. I think that is concise but if pictures are needed just ask.

Cheers Tszodie


3 years ago

I've left over 120 comments on individual projects that other people posted. Most of my comments contain a praise for encouragement and a suggestion for improvement or a comment on my personal experience with a similar project. I'm always willing to support others.

ok i may seem stupid for asking this but about the welcoming new people is this a part time job or is it just to help and do i just copy that message into thier orange bar. also how do i find new people

First, this is not a stupid question.

Nowhere does it tell you the questions you asked so it is a great question!

Anyways, welcoming new members can be done whenever you want, if you find a new member - welcome them!

I only find new members by looking at the recent Instructables, there is no "sort by" function for them.

So to answer your question fully, it is a job for whenever you feel like it and you can copy-paste the welcome or you can personalize it each time, it is up to you.

Hope this helped!

this seems great for me! Kiteman sent me here because I'm only 15 but I also have a great record with technology and electric . Ihow would I be able to help out?


Read the post, please... it lists several things you can do.