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How to I make a crib mobile spin without the music? Answered

I'm going to start making my own crib mobile but I don't want to play music while it spins, I just want it to spin. Is there a way to make my mobile just spin?

The picture on the bottom it what I would need to buy if I want it to spin but it play music too.


I remember having one for my first daughter that i wanted to "fix" but it was sealed in such a way that the outer shell had to be broken to open it up. If this is the case with yours, i would either shop around for one that has visible screws (so you know you can safely get to the offending parts) or look around for battery-powered motor suitable for a hanging mirrorball. Those can be obtained from most party stores or online. Some feel flimsy enough i'd feel nervous hanging it above a child, but there are some that are obviously enough to hold up a mobile. They do have a mild whirring noise from the gearing, but it's far better than the music.

It needs a speakerectomy. Open the case and locate the speaker. Cut the wires that are soldered to the speaker.

I've done this with several children's toys, mainly cars. This way all of the other functions work, but the irritating noises are gone.

The music may be mechanical, like a music box.

If that is the case, the "comb" of teeth that play the music should be easily removed with a small screwdriver.

+1. also, if the "comb" doesn't come out, just cut the fingers short

+2 OR if it is not an integral part of the spinning mechanism, it may be easiest just to remove the entire music mechanism (if mechanical).

+3, OR if it IS an integral part, but you can't remove the comb, or cut the comb, you could try to sand/chip off all the pins on the "player" drum