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How to Increase RC Remote Control operation distance Answered

hi i have this rc remote control  Acoms AP 202 2 ch 27Mhz ( http://www2.produktinfo.conrad.com/datenblaetter/200000-224999/224278-an-02-ml-RC_Einsteigerset_de_en.pdf ) and i want to increase the operation distance..now it only 150m i want it to go 300m+


since its 27mhz FM, you might not be allowed to extend it by increasing power, unless its an AM one in which case bigger remotes are bought easily.

In any case, what you can do is get an antenna amplifier for the receiver, which essentially just is a super sensitive tranceiver.

essentially it receives the signal much better as it is more sensitive, then re transmits it at low power for the receiver to pick up, so that when the receiver is picking up the original signal, it doesnt interfiere.

Look up some antenna receiver booster circuits on google. or try buying one.

A better or larger antenna can help. You will also need to improve the antenna on the receiver end. The remote itself probably does a good job and can already transmit the distance you want. But most RC vehicles use small antenna or have them tucked up inside the body of the vehicle which limits the range.

Alternately if you know a little something about transmitters you could probably boost the signal strength. You would need to check the specs of the components used in the transmitter but you might be able to boost the signal with a slightly larger power source. For example if it uses a 9V battery then (component tolerances willing) you could add a AA or AAA in series with the 9V to give you 10.5V and possibly a stronger transmission.

Concentrate on the antenna on the receiver