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How to Make High Powered LED Alternate Answered

Does anyone know or can tell me where I can get information on how to get High Powered LED's to alternate flashes like wig-wags for a vehicle??  Wondering what I need and how to wire it. 

I really wanted to have about 3 or 4 high powered LEDs (either Luxon Stars or something of the sort) on one side and 3 or 4 on the other side, and each side to alternate flashes back and forth. 

I need help at a beginner level and Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


THanks, sorry for the delay in replying about what you have given me. I will try it on the next day I'm off, I'm waiting on a few more parts to arrive and I'll give it a whirl! Thanks a million!

Now just to be sure flash, left, right, left, right.

Clock to JK flip flop to LEDs or to resistor, transistors, LEDs depending on LED current.

Can you read a schematic?

If you can read a schematic, tell me flash speed, LED current, and the number of LEDs

And I can make you a prototested schematic.

Hey, thanks for the reply, I'm relatively new to this. I can barely read a schematic. But I want it to pulse just like you say, left then right and back and forth until turned off. It would be good to have a switch also to constantly leave them both on as spotlights, if possible. But otherwise, they should alternate and change every 1/2 second.


The first circuit is the simplest circuit and one speed.
Can you understand the schematic?
From the top left
I am assuming you plan to use this in a vehicle so 12 volts.
The 555 IC is a simple 555 timer circuit (the clock).
The SN74LS73A is the logic symbol of the electronic toggle switch to switch from right to left LEDs.

The circuit to the right is the Led circuits.

The third circuit on the bottom is the same as the first except you can change the flashing speed until it looks like the LEDs are on all the time.

There is another circuit I could design that flashes Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left and you can speed it up until the LEDs look like they are on all the time however it would include an And gate IC.

I haven’t tested and tweaked these yet but when I do I can make the schematic symbols look like the ICs for easier construction.

555 Timer Flasher.bmp

Hey, I really apprecaite this!

I think I can meddle through this well enough not to burn my truck down!
I will work on it the next day I'm off and see what I can do

Thanks again!

I forgot the SN74LS73 runs on 5 volts.

Have you ever worked with voltage regulators?

To get the 5 volts for the SN74LS73 you will need a 5 volt regulator (LM7805).

I have tested this circuit on my proto board and it works fine with ordinary LEDs.

However the Luxon Stars LEDs use a driver, if you use them you will need the six wire driver and connect them to this circuit with optocouplers in the place of the red LEDs in this circuit.

Or make your own drivers like the bottom circuits.

You can get the NE555, LM317, LM7805, and SN74LS73AN at


You can get the data sheets for these components at


 Just enter the part number in the search box.

555 tested.png

I really know absolutely nothing about voltage regulators. To be 100% honest, I'm a fool and an idiot, I'm kinda just now learning and researching as much as possible because I really desire to become efficient and want to pretty much do my own lighting for my vehicle.

I have seen the "BuckPucks" by Luxeon which I've read about but I know really nothing about wiring them up or anything.

I'm an Emergency Room Nurse by background. So I'm trying to understand this better. I know where to pretty well find the parts, and I do good if I see things done one time, I typically remmember and I'm getting better at the schematics.

This circuit is tested and it should run the 3 and 4 LED and all Luxeon Star 6 wire low voltage dimmable drivers.

Since you don’t know much about voltage regulators you will probably need to get the LED drivers from luxeon and I included drawings of components just in case.

Luxeon has instruction videos and datasheets and ordering at:


Remember for this flasher you need the six lead externally dimmable drivers. The Luxeon driver in the diagram is a low voltage, Externally Dimmable, Flex Block Wide Range DC Driver - With Leads. They are the same from the 350ma to the 2100ma LED driver so this circuit should run all six wire dimmable drivers.

The 1N4001 diodes, LM7805 voltage regulator, and the NE555 timer can be found at Radio Shack or you can get them and the other ICs at Mouser:


1 - LM7805
1 - NE555
1 - SN74LS73A
2 - K815P
2 - 1N5400
3 - 1N4001

You can get the diode and IC datasheets at:


From your local Radio Shack or on line electronics store get:

1 – protoboard
1 – 5 amp switch
1 – 5 amp fuse
1 – Green LED
1 – 50k ohm pot (Variable Resistor)
2 – 100 ohm ¼ watt resistors
3 – 1k ohm ¼ watt resistors
1 – 2200uF 16 volt electrolytic capacitor
1 – 4.7uF 16 volt electrolytic capacitor
2 – 1uF 16 Volt electrolytic capacitors
And lots of wire

I always get extras just in case I need them. If you have questions post them here or PM me with your Email address and I will send you a Bitmap of the circuit.

Tested 2.bmp