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How to Make an Invisible Trail? Answered

I am trying to make a hidden trail that can only be followed with a black light. This will essentially be done by following a series of "bread crumbs" that are only visible in the UV spectrum. I've had some success with a highlighter; the bark soaks up the ink, making it invisible to the naked eye. It's lasted a few rainy days, but I am not certain it will last for (at least) several months. I was wondering if there is another way to do this, one that is a little more weatherproof.


You are probably using this for a geocache, I had the same idea and had trouble finding something that can be used to hold the UV paint with absorbtion or washing off in the rain, this is what I came up with.

Thumb tacks. Paint the UV paint on the head of the tack. When the UV paint has completely dried paint over the UV paint with clear epoxy and then let that completely dry. Thumb tacks are cheap enough that you can put them all over the place to hide your trail in the day and the thumb tacks won't destroy any trees.

washing detergent works well or get some invisble ink and spill it on the floor

spray over your UV trail with a satin clear coating

get yellow spray paint and yellow ground paint mark your trail trees with the ground paint and mark other trees with yellow paint gound paint glowes in a black light

try placing markers in a more sheltered position- like under a tree branch. you could use spray paint with similar chemicals to make your trail last longer- but this is bad for the environment.