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How to Make a Milk and Tea Vending Machine? Answered

I am thinking of building a DIY tea vending machine. On a one Press the machine should dispense a hot milk tea


Thanks for all your inputs I completed a prototype of vending machine.

P.S pardon my poor execution

Tea Vending.jpeg

11 months ago

I would design it to use a microwave for heating. Reduce the oven size to a cup size and direct the microwaves into the cup. In just a few seconds it would be ready. After the microwave is done squirt in your milk and honey and put a lid on it then shoot it over to the out door. Leave the tea bag in so if they want it stronger they can let it steep a little more.

Honey - in TEA!!!! no wonder we let you colonials go! :-)

Most tea machines in the UK just dispense hot water. You get to put your own tea bag in for as long as you want.

Most machines In India work the same way. but I am trying to replicate like how it is done in a tea shop.

That was good Idea thanks much ! I was thinking of using a heat induction coil to boil the water and tea powder and steep them for sometime and dispense them with milk and serve them

1. You don't want to make a sealed boiler (another name for a bomb)

Make/get a container with a lid that can be sealed. Put a tube (metal) through the lid almost down the the bottom of the container. This way when the water boils the steam will push the water out up the tube and into you tea pot.

2. WHY you can a million times easier just use a normal kettle.

3. Buy a teasmade https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vintage-Teasmade-Clock-Al...

Thanks for the warning I will not do that. For initial prototype I am thinking of using the boiled milk and water. As this vending machine is expected to dispense 50 cups of tea per cycle. Teasmade will be a good start for me :)

From internet research I found that tea cannot be stored for long time as it tends to loose its taste

No offence but when it comes to stuff like this you have to cater for food- and health regulations.
This includes materials used, regular cleaning and actually being certified to process stuff for human consumption.
Failing to comply can end up to be very costly.
All it takes is someone getting sick and claiming it on your machine....

Thanks for the advice! I will make sure I will use food grade materials to ensure the safety. As of now I am building a prototype to understand the functionality and I am not gonna taste that tea though :)