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How to Make a Sachet Answered

A friend of mine had some potpourri lying around and wanted to know how to make a sachet. I, of course, have very little knowledge of things that smell good. However, I figure that someone knows how to make a simple sachet and I think it would be a great topic for an Instructable... So does anyone know how to make a sachet? If so, I encourage you to make an Instructable about it and would be accordingly thankful.


Very simple sachet: Place a small pile of your smelly stuff in the middle of a square of fabric, or even a paper towel. Draw up the four corners together and tie the bundle shut with string, yarn, whatever you have handy. Alternately, put the smelly stuff in an envelope and seal it. Then punch small holes in the envelope with a paperclip or pencil point.

i waas going to make an instructable... but then i didn't feel like it. so. this is what you do. take two pieces of fabric. they can be as big or as small as you want. but you probabaly don't want a pillowcase of potpourri... so i'd say around the dimensions of 4 inches by six inches. place them right sides together. meaning the pretty sides. sew down both 6" sides and one of the 4" sides. flip it inside out and it should look like a fairy's pillowcase. fill it with your potpourri and then take some ribbon... or yarn... or lace and tie it around the opening. and there you have it. a sachet. or. since it's potpourri and potpourri's usually pretty and doesnt look like a bag of oregano... you could just get an organza bag and stick it in there.

Do you mean like a sealed up sachet to keep the smell in or more like a sachet you can put places to make them smell nice.

For a sealed one you'd want soemthing like a Heat sealer

For a version to freshen places up maybe coffee filters or teabags and some origami tricks...

The latter, I think. Coffee filters might work nicely--thanks for your help.

No problems the nice thing is you can just staple them...