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How to Make and Eat a Nine-Egg Breakfast Answered

The secret is quail eggs. I found the quail eggs' membranes tougher than expected, and I had to pinch them to actually crack open the eggs. Quail eggs taste more "like eggs" than standard chicken eggs -- like the difference between a factory-farmed egg and an egg from my neighbor's chickens that eat grubs all day. You can hard boil them too. I started the eggs in cold water, heated it until boiling, let it boil for 1 minute, and then turned the heat off let the eggs sit in the hot water for 7 minutes. Finally, I quickly cooled them under cold water, and the shells were easy to peel.


Dont eggs have high cholesterol ? my dad cant eat too many because he has high blood pressure (hes not fat at all though)


9 years ago

You're a big dork. ;) I just had a two-egg breakfast.

That is just WAY too much "yolk" for me......my arteries started to quiver as I looked at the pictures LOL

Those tomatoes in olive oil look great :-)

Where'd you pick these up at?

A farmer's market, or an asian market would be a good place to look.

My dad loves quail eggs.

Hey Eric, what is shrimp ceviche? The tomatoes also look delicious. Have you ever tried tomatoes and mozzarella topped with some basil? Pure health.

Citrus marinated shrimp salad. The protein in the shrimp is denatured by acid, and isn't cooked with heat. I bought this at a local market, Mi Tierra.

You know you've got to try a quails egg soufflé.

Can we expect an Instructable? Those eggs look delicious.

Well he mentioned that quail eggs were harder than chicken eggs, and gave some tips on how to cook them.