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How to, Ni-Cd battery? Answered

Read on the internet, a process that makes old Ni-Cd batteries good again. They say they can resurect old batteries that do not hold a charge. Is this possible? How is it done? Cheers for any help



all i ever did was to connect my batts to a variable AC source and turn the voltage up for 5 seconds 2 or 3 times then charge them with DC. Got an old electric train transformer? they work good.

You use a welder as a charger. There are instructables that show it. I've tried it on more than 15 cordless drill batteries and if it helps it's just a tiny bit. I measured time to self discharge and time in use of fully charged batteries and could not find any difference. I wouldn't waste my time.

Cheers for the reply. i have now looked at the Instructables, and loads of other sites on the net. Did you take the battery appart, i have read you zap the individual cells with a welder, after you have taken the battery/individual cells apart. Then resoulder them back together again

Maybe that's why I didn't get good results. The instruction I saw just zapped the whole pack at once and that's what I did.