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How to Power a microwave turntable motor Answered

I am trying to find a good slow motor with decent torque and think a motor in my old microwave may work well but I don't really know how to power it aside from connecting the wires to a regular battery. Will for instance, a D size battery power it, or is there some way I can connect the motor to an outlet (would prefer this method, but I don't have access to a lot of parts outside of what is inside the microwave itself)?


Jimmy Proton

7 years ago

All you need is a power cord that can plug into the wall, connect that to the connectors on the motor and it will turn on.


8 years ago

I believe microwave motors are generally ac motors powered directly from mains, open up the microwave without tke apart the circuits and follow it back to the power source on the circuits to help figure it out.