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How to REMOVE "Frosted Glass SPRAY" from "Plexiglass??? Answered

I have windows on my 3rd floor that are PLEXIGLASS, because of the unique window design(s), and they are FROSTED GLASS SPRAYed for privacy reasons but now it's time to change this idea and remove it all, SAFELY. Problem is: Keep in mind that it's Plexiglass, a petroleum based product and using the wrong remover can, potentially, destroy it. I hesitate to TEST-AREA as if it does, the plexiglass is damaged for life. My objective is the TRIED AND TRUE method(s). Thoughts??


Google how to restore plastic headlight lenses. The fella there used very very fine wet sandpaper then he buffed it and they turned out clear. I cant remember what he buffed it with though. I think it was auto buffing compound.

I'm afraid I can't offer a removal solution, but I have nulled out the effects of frosted spray with a layer or two of spray on clear coat. It might not come out crystal clear, but it will help.

does it gently scrape off? Is it the snow-crap from the holidays, that 'icing crystal' polymer, or just a frosting spray? Each brand will have removal instructions on the can used to spray it. Find another can in the store of the 'sameish' product and give it a whirl. Check whatever cleaner you use that it says its safe for use on plastics/acrylic.