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How to Remember Pi! Answered

This nifty poem I created is called a "piem", a pi poem. I only made a poem for the first 10 digits, but you can make more. For example, the first word has 3 letters, representing the # 3. The second has 1 letter, representing the # 1. et cetera.

Here is one I made up:    For a week a broke belittled he person aided all.
Notice the coinciding #s: 3     1    4    1    5          9        2       6         5     3  -->  3.141592653 --> the first 10 digits of pi.


The sentence doesn't really make any sense, so it's not so easy to remember. I had fun thinking this one up:

For a poem I think sometimes of number being pie.


I just remember the 10 digits off my calculator, after so many years of seeing it there.

I always have to ask myself though, can I remember the reciprocal ?

I can make more.... No, no, no... You started the poem... You must finish it. :-)

Here's some more: