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How to Remove the "Security Suite" Virus and other Preventive Measures Answered

     Well, I just recovered from the "Security Suite" Virus. It's a trojan-style virus that infects your computer, claims that everything is infected, and leads you to a legitimate-looking website. It doesn't allow any programs to run except itself and won't allow you to access any websites except it's fraudulent own. I feel incredibly lucky that whoever designed this virus sucks, and it's comparatively easy to get rid of. Here's what I did. First, if your computer is infected, turn it off and on again. Then when you're booting it up , hit F8 repeataly, so you enter a boot menu. From there, select "Enter Safe Mode with Networking". It will look all Windows 95-ey, but that's what it's supposed to do. From there, open Internet Explorer (I know, but we all have to make sacrifices for the cause...) and go to the Tools menu. From there, go to the bottom and hit "Internet Options...". Then, go to the connections tab, "LAN Settings" and uncheck the proxy server box. Then, you'll want to install CCleaner to get rid of the virus. Installation is simple, and then select "Run Cleaner" in-program. You'll also want to install RKill, to get rid of the other spyware associated with the virus. After that, install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, to add another layer of protection.  Another method to do all of this with is burning CCleaner onto a CD with another computer and running it from there, but the internet worked fine for me. Another great product (These are all free) is ZoneAlarm firewall. It's a pretty good firewall, and asks you wether to allow or deny each item, which I wish I had installed, so I could've avoided this entirely. If you have ZoneAlarm, a heads up, the program that you shouldn't allow internet access (causes the virus) is completely random letters starting with an "r". And right now, I'm thinking, why isn't this an instructable? Lack of original pictures mostly. Thanks for reading, I hope I helped someone(s)!


My cure for affected PCs, have a spare and just rebuild the old one. Viruses end up messing up something even after a total clean with utility programs and they seem to get past even the pro virus detection software somehow.

They're getting scarier all the time. I caught Mebroot while researching hummingbird locomotion for school, just by clicking a search result on google. Jacked my computer up royally. Came right through AVAST undetected. MBAM couldn't fix it. Had to use GMER. and rewrite the boot sector from a win install disk. Then I switched to a clean PC and reset all my online passwords.

That is one of the most profound, funny comments I think I've ever read! In this context it's fitting, in so many other conversations it can be ... well priceless!

I've been lurking on the site for a while, this finally made me want to post. Wanted to give you a big thank you for this bit of info. My computer picked this up a couple days ago. I'd figured out the first few steps on my own, but the suggested software is what really did the trick. Computer appears to be clean and healthy at the moment. Granted however my Computer is due for a reformat anyhow (been about 3 years now), but I just hate bothering with it, and now I can procrastinate it a bit longer, thanks!