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How to Replace PC Monitor LED Backlight with RGB LED Backlight? Answered


Does anyone know how I can replace my monitor's LED Backlight to an RGB LED Backlight?

RGB (Red Green Blue) LED Backlighting is superior to W-LED (White LED, which is just Blue LED without Green and Red).

I don't even know why the mainstream LCD makers are trying so hard for superior picture quality, when CRT & Plasmas all used RGB light.

It's not rocket science: they should just switch to RGB backlights, and replace them when they decay at their different rates.

Anyway, does anyone know where I can find RGB LED Backlights for my PC Monitor?

I know how to open up my PC Monitor's LCD panel, and remove the LED Backlight, but where can I buy RGB LED Backlights?

Does anyone know where I can buy RGB LED Backlights?



1 year ago


I like the way you think. White leds, that are blue with yellow phosphor give me eye strain horribly. but an rgb led just soothes my eyes.

Here is someone that has got the ball rolling on how to do this:


I think the APA102 or APA102 leds would work great for this. They are driven at five volts. not sure about Milliamps per each.

I am just not sure how to use an LCD controller with this. If i get any old plain ips monitor or VA montior panel, how to integrate this using the RGB leds.

Also, the individual that did it posted a video. Here is the link:



1 year ago

You do seem to miss a few facts:
1. Backlight systems can't be compared with plasma systems - totally different way to generate the light.
2. There is a damn good reason why no RGB lights are used in monitor!
3. You also fail to understand how colored LED's work.

Do a simple test and use any translucent image, like a picture on a clear foil and see how the picture changes with different light colors shining through.
After that ask yourself what would happen to your monitor if you the same ;)


1 year ago

I have seen RGB LED Strips, but I have no idea how to integrate that to work with the Inverter. Would I just have to keep them separate?