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How to Shoot a War Scene on a Tight Budget Answered

See how to use just three people to create a full war scene complete with explosions within four days.

For the shooting anyway. Still not clear how long this took to assemble in post.

via Neatorama


Presto Videoworks 6 also would work to do this all, except for the green screen part, that's where it has a little trouble.


10 years ago

Simply amazing, I had no idea , I knew about the green screens but only 4 ppl? Wow. Great job, thanks for taking the time to share it.

What kind of computer program whould you need to do something like this?

Many. Individual images: Gimp, Photoshop 2d Effects (Some 3d) - After Effects Complete 3d (ex. the boat) - Maya Editing - Premiere, iMovie, anything but windows movie maker Total cost (including a nice-ass computer to run it): Couple G's. That's $2 - 5,000. AcademicSuperstore.com has amazing prices on software. Oh, and Maya is what, $1,000/year for a license? It's not a cheap business :P.

amazing,now i want to get into making movies

This sort of amazement happened for me a long time ago. That's why I go to a magnet school in Digital Filmmaking


I really want to find out too. Looks very fun.

I know final cut pro has alot of this stuff in it but most people can't use it to save themselves, you could 99% in Ulead videostudio 9.0 (it has alot of unused potential hidden in sub menus) and Imovie HD is an impressive program for macs, more so because it's free.

One word: W00T!AWESOME!

Hmm we did some stuff like this when my friend asked for help making a film, we also used some screening tricks to make a pickup truck into a tank that I jumped on to, killed the driver and stole the tank, If I see him then I'll ask for the video files..

Wow, that is awesome!

Wow, that was awesome,now I feel like making a movie myself. LoL! That was really cool.

It's amazing what they can do on a computer nowadays...

That was really interesting! Thanks!

That's awesome!

Wow! This is really Cool!! Thanks for sharing!!!