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How to Stop being "Pro" Answered

Hi there.  I'm having trouble finding out how to stop the billing on my checking account for pro-status.  I like this community and site, but I just became a student, and so have less money.

Who do I contact or where do I go?

gildersonian2 (at) yahoo.com


i'm always either rich or totally broke and i'm hardly ever rich,but i would sell my pinky finger before giving up ibles!

Did you go through PayPal?  If so, you should be able to log back in to your PayPal account and stop payments.  If you contacted I'bles directly, then send a PM to Randy or Christy and they should be able to help.

Having been a student myself, I know the trouble - two years' membership being the price of a whole textbook, or a week's beer...

...well, nearly a week.

 *sigh*  You have to make that stuff last, sir!  

It's easy on today's campus to find free beer.  Alcohol flows like water.

Fortunately for my liver, brain and social life, those days are long gone. 

These days, two or three beers over a weekend is about my limit.

Twenty four years ago, though, I lived in the same building as the cheapest bar in Manchester.

 I can understand where you're coming from:

As a student myself, I haven't put money in my account in two months....

Trying to take money from a place that has none is a little difficult, even though you can afford it.

That's why I chose the one lump sum payment for two years.

Contact the provider that is making the payments on your behalf. But it's small money.