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How to Thank Instructables Answered

It feels good to let this out:

How to Thank Instructables


whatever.......ps, can you delete it, its for personal reasons

OK, but you delete the Nov15th post as well.

BTW, that wasnt removed by community request, i removed it.

I was going to say, have you read the insructable?

It was a cool project to be involved in. We need all the letters to arrive, though...

No, it isn't. Way to make them want to include you in the future.

Jesus, it was a joke. Guess I'll stop joking around you.

Yes, I know it was a joke, I have personally gone beyond what I should have with a joke too, so thank you for deleting it. :-)

Yeah. I wish it would say "Removed by User" instead of "...Community Request" so it doesn't look like it was flagged for some reason.

I see no reason to "PM" it to him later. He doesn't "need to know" and If you thought it wasn't very nice, why even bring it up again? I deleted it, I think we(you) should let it be.

see? I can be serious, too.

This: Way to make them want to include you in the future.

was attached to my post....I was just making sure you were not addressing me ;-)

This has been so fun to be a part of.

Wait, that's not right, that sounds like I'm leaving!!


Thanks, guys.

Hmm? This IBLE has been a great one to work on, for sure :-)

yey! about time we get it out. Its been great working with you bumpus, and the rest of your guys were great also.

Yes, I was getting a bit worried about it myself *sigh*

Unbeatable team we are indeed.

Best 'ible about thanking 'ibles on 'ibles ever... Also on the day of my 55th 'ible... It was interesting to do and bumpy and gmjhowe were great shepherds

Oh, thank you Killer, for being such a great collaborator!

I thought I'd been bad by forgetting to reply to people and making them think I'd disappeared... I wonder where the S will end up now though? Hopefully not the way of my mum's stuff, returned five times because the post offices measurements were off by a good bit...

Thanks ibles!

You beat me to it, it's almost as though we found this topic at the same time...

You do know he could go back in time and check? Your just jealous, because you have got no time machine.