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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad? Answered

I have got an iPad from my friends who bought a new iPad Air 2. And now i want to transfer some photos from my iPhone to iPad but don't know how to make it. 


I am with kiteman.

I just email my pictures to my phones tablets and computer

All else fails. Plug both into the computer. Open my computer, open each up as a drive. You'll see a photo folder. Drag and drop from one to the other.

Use the cloud !! it is automatic.......o<=--/``````"*`'^''''`^\--==>O

You can use Photo Stream/AirDrop to help you transfer photos from iPhone to iPad. If you want to transfer your photos directly between two devices, you can use some tools like AnyTrans, or CopyTrans.


3 years ago

If you own both turn on the cloud in both and they will automatically do it for you.

Can you not just email them to yourself?