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How to Works your pecks? Answered

Can you tell me what exercises can work your pectorals?



Chest (pectoral) exercises can be broken up in to upper, middle, and lower. There is no single exercise that can hit all areas.

If you want to stick with the basics that have proven results your best bet for building mass are:
- Incline bench press (for upper chest)
- Flat bench press (for middle chest)
- Decline bench press (for lower chest)

You don't need to get all fancy with a million exercises. It is a pretty large muscle that will respond very well to those three exercises alone. You can however switch it up from time to time (muscle confusion is good) by introducing a different exercise to hit each area.

For more info about the exercises see this page:

Climb! Start going to your local climbing gym twice a week. You'll be hench in no time. And not just in one area, climbing works everywhere.

Push-ups work your pectorals, especially if you place your hands wider apart, and try different arm locations, you can work different parts of the pectoral muscles.

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