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How to acess a broken camera HDD ? Answered

Hi everyone!
I have a JVC camera that is broken. I went camping and somehow water came in and screw the camera. It doesn't turn on, not even with the charger pluged in.
The fix is actually more expensive than buyin another one so...
I need to know how can i recover the data inside the HDD...
Hope you can help me guys.
Thank you very much. ;)



7 years ago

I don't know the specs on your camera (camcorder?) but if it is a 1.8 inch HDD, you can buy a usb enclosure for less than $15 U.S. and copy the files to your computer. And, you get a small external HDD in the process.

That's assuming the files on the disk are in a standard filesystem and in a data format which you can work with (or can convert to something you can work with). If not, you need to either find or create software which can retrieve and interpret the data from that drive.

I'd try checking the JVC user discussions, and/or contacting the company, to find out whether they have any advice on how you might be able to do this. They may have a standard document for the purpose; I doubt you're the first person to want to recover data from a busted camera.

Well, you're right, I did make that assumption. But since he had been using the camera before it was damaged, it would seem logical that he already has any special software needed to handle the files installed on his computer.

Once they get into the computer, yes. But the software for downloading them from the camera might have been doing the format conversion, if such a program was required.

Life is certainly easier when the device just looks like a hard drive to the PC. But that isn't always the way it was designed to work, and when it isn't, all bets are off regarding who did what to the data when before it reached your PC's directories.

It may be trivial; I may be borrowing trouble. Just pointing out that it may be a larger problem than it seems at first glance.