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How to add 2 LEDs to my footswitch so I can see if either channel is on or off. Answered

I have a 2-channel Marshall footswitch that I want to mod to mimic their PED802 model with on/off LEDs on it. Scoured many forums for schematics or diagrams or photos, but nothing so straightforward out there. I believe it does not require a battery to power them as it mimics the light on the amp front, but my electronics knowledge isn't so good. Anyone have a photograph of something similar? I think I need two LEDs, two resistors and a couple bits of wire, but that's all I can glean. Thanks.


Is it possible you can pop the screws out, and take a picture of the guts? That way we can see exactly what makes it tick, and if its feasable to hack it.

Not being familiar with that switch or amp or how it's wired... One solution might be to fiind out what voltage that switch is controlling, then bridge an LED and appropriate current-limiting resistor across the switch. Switch closed, LED shorted, no light. Switch open, LED is stealing power from the line being controlled, light goes on. Depending on how things are wired, this might or might not work, but it should be moderately harmless to try it. Another solution would be to replace the switch with a double-pole equivalent, and use the second set of contacts to control a (separately powered) light.