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How to add a hardwire extension to a wireless videobaby monitor camera? Answered

So if there are too many variables which block a wireless remote connection from receiver monitor to wireless camera, is there a simple way to extend or hardwire the antenna popping out of the camera? i was thinking of popping off that antenaa plastic cover on the wireless camera, and hardwiring a wire leaving out of a window and coming closer to the receiver monitor to avoid walls and other stuff.  I know its possible...

your thoughts?



one thing you could always try is just extending the antenae and receiver the same amount, and it has to be the same otherwise the radio frquency changes on one end but not the other, one thing i would recomend though if you do this is to try out the length for a few days before making it permanent to make sure it doesnt effect any othe wireless things in the neighboring area. if it does change the wire length a little bit

one thing you could also do is just drop a line between the reciever and the camera to do this:

you find the transmitter on the camera and find all the cables that connect to it, then do the same but with the receiver, then connect all the same colored wires to the same colored wires

Try an aluminium reflector behind the antenna, in the direction of the receiver.