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How to add a right angle gear to a bicycle Answered


Sorry for the obscure title -- I want to add onto the stardard chain cog on a bike that drives the wheel, but it has to be converted with some sort of right angle bevel gear or similar, so the new cog/gear is facing left/right as opposed to front/back.

I need to have a gear spinning left/right to power a linkage that has to in turn power a  setup similar to a wiper motor in a car - this has to sweep from side to side, left to right behind the bike.

Any ideas? :(



Some time ago I produced a similar effect with a small wheel running on the tyre and a flexible drive to change the direction of movement - Worked well for a light load such as you are using.

The flexi-drive I made from a length of curtain wire (the spiral wire kind in a plastic outer.) and a length of motor cycle brake cable - Make sure it goes in the right way so that turning the brake cable tightens the twist. I made brass fitting to go on each end but you could possibly just as well use the brass inner from a wire connector block.

Angle grinders have just what your after, I've used them in several projects the ratio is about 3 to 1
an engineering shop will have lots of broken angle grinders the motors burn out, the gears are usually ok.

Thanks for the info.That sounds perfect. 3:1 sounds pretty spot on too. I'll give it a shot and let you know. :)