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How to adhere metal objects for a found objects robot sculpture? Answered

Any suggestions for assembling found objects (cans, screws, bolts, etc.) robot sculptures?  Welding, soldering (if so, wattage for the iron?), other?  Total newbie, but I want to experiment.


Epoxy or "JB Weld" works really great if you have some flat surface to work with.

Flat _clean_ surface. (Though actually, a thick epoxy can be pretty good at filling voids and may actually hold more strongly on a rough surface than a smooth one.)


8 years ago

If it is metal....flux, apply heat, and add 95.5!
Soldering is an experiment every  time..............


Since you're probably trying to attach different types of metal, welding will not be a good idea since different metals need to be welded differently (Some can't be welded at all.)  Soldering isn't terribly durable, and there are similar issues to welding when trying to heat different types of metals to the right temperature for solder to flow.

For what will work, it depends on the scale of your robots.  If you're working big I would use physical fasteners.  Drill holes and either use bolts for thick pieces or pop rivets for thin material.  You can also punch holes through thin material and use wire to lace them together like a shoe. If you're working at a smaller scale, epoxy like Re-Design mentioned is a good option.  (Or simply hot glue if your materials are really light.)