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How to administer a tiny painful (but safe) electric shock... Answered

I have no electronic's experience, but I need to develop a tiny device that can administer an electric shock for just like 1 sec that is strong enough to hurt, but is safe.  And it has to be no larger in diameter than a US quarter coin, and no thicker than maybe the face of a watch.


Ask your intended victim's attorney...


3 years ago

It's too large for your requirements (cigarette pack size), but I recall building a kit when I was 10-12 yrs old (think late 60's, early 70's) which consisted of a small box, foil glued the sides, two AA batteries, a hand-wound step-up transformer (magnet wire on a nail), and a second nail for a switch that activated when the "subject" picked up the box.

The poor connection of the hand-made nail switch was such that if your hand shakes (everyone's did) when you first pickup the device, it would make/break the circuit often enough to be pseudo alternating current, giving the poor chump multiple (mild) shocks.

I doubt it was very dangerous, although we certain live in a more litigious world today...

I remember in elementary school the teacher had this crank up generator of some sort and all the kids would hold hands in a circle and he would crank it up. And those bulky dry cylinder cells were fun.

We did the generator thing, too. Funny how kids line up to get shocked...I bet that hasn't changed.

I've decided to give up on the electric shock aspect of my project. It is way too extreme for what I'm doing. I found an alternative that is mechanical and not at all dangerous or difficult. But thanks so much for all the postings guys!

Resistance to electric shock varies from people to people. I had one friend who can touch a live wire and nothing happened to him. I am talking about 230 volts in India. Many times I have experienced electric shock but it is not harmful to me, but I have seen people who fainted with little electric shock for less than a second. So take care...

When it comes to electic "shocks" there is not real safety.
Even a tens machine comes with warning notes and an extra note for people with a pacemaker.
I see you like movies as you want something that onyl exists in a movie but anyway:
You need a power supply, so check for suitable coin batteries as they are the only one to fit the size limits.
Make a nice SMD circuit board for the cuircuit similar to a disposable cam flash.
Don't use a charge capacitor, just the output from the circuit.
Add a resistor mtached to the voltage and safety current and you are done.
Possible to get all into a watch but it won't run long as the battery drains too fast.
Otherwise simply check Ebay for these electric shock phone, lighters and pens.
They are small enough for you but won't run too long on coin cells either (but quite a while).
Problem with them is that most countries won't allow to to import them...

Nothing is safe.

But we are all for supporting contenders for the Darwin award if you are up to the research.