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How to and which direction to connect a resistor in an audio amplifier? Answered

Please there is this audio amplifier i have been working on, but have not been successful with it. i did check to make sure all my connections are OK. but what i am confused about is " dose it matter witch direction i connect my resistors" secondly "does it matter if i connect the resistor directly on the transistor collector arm or those it make the same if i use wires to make a longer connection? thanks.
can anyone help?



Best Answer 5 years ago

It doesn't matter for either of those. The resistor can go in the circuit in either direction and you can use a lead wire if it makes it easier to solder or you can just attach the resistor directly.

A couple of things that could be causing your issues:
- Make sure you look up the pin out for your exact transistor, there is no standard so unless the transistor you are using is exactly the same, made by the same company, the pins could be in different places.
- When soldering to the transistor you need to be careful about how much heat gets dumped into it. It's possible you cooked it when you were soldering to it.

A link to the guide you're following and maybe a picture of the circuit would go a long way to helping more specifically.

Bwrussell thanks Man. I ques my main problem should be the issie of cooking the Transistor instead. i quit remember i did applied hit many times with the issue being that it some times disconnect when i tried to put them together in one box. i think i will try to use a different transistor.

I wanted ask this again.
will it matter too if i use any of the resistors or i most need a particular number of ohms? or those the sizes matter. if i use wrong transistors will it work but with law results.?
thanks Man.

I haven't built an amp before but almost always the resistance matters in a circuit.

Are you not following a circuit? It should have the resistor values called out as well as the transistor used or at least the specs needed. You don't have to use the exact same transistor but the specs for it need to be similar and meet all the minimums (if the called out one has a Vmax of 15V the one you use should be at least that much). Before you check for broken components make sure you have the right components.

Posting the circuit diagram would help us know.

dose it matter witch direction i connect my resistors"? - No, resistors are non-polar devices. I like to put the silver or golden ring off all resistors to one side, but that's just for extra style-points.

"does it matter if i connect the resistor directly on the transistor collector arm or those it make the same if i use wires to make a longer connection?" - Normally not. The resistance of some extra inches of wire is normally small compared with the resistor. BUT: if the resistance is critical or the frequency is high (much higher than sound) the extra inductance/capacity of wire may be problematic. For an audio amplifier, it shouldn't matter, just don't make them too long.

Thanks Verene, i will give it a try. i ques there should be just a single problem i am unable to figure out.