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How to answer my land phone from my Android smartphone using Bluetooth or Ethernet? Answered

Hello, guys!

For academic purposes, I want to develop a solution so that I can answer my land phone directly from my smartphone when I'm at home close to the land phone, so, no Internet or other kind of long-distance communication here.

Imagine a scenario where I'm at home, the land phone rings and I have the call information on my smarphone and I'm able to answer or reject it directly from my smartphone.

I know the phone carriers offer services called "Follow me" that will redirect the call to my cell phone if it rings a few times and no one answers it, but, that's not what I mean. I want to answer the call on my smartphone as if it were an extension of the land phone.

Two ideas came up to my mind, but I'm not sure I could make any of them work.

1- I thought of using some microcontroller like Arduino or something to hack the phone and somehow work as a bridge between the land phone and my smartphone via an Android application using bluetooth or a Wi-Fi ethernet connection.

2- I also thought of using a cordless phone base and capture the RF signals with my Arduino and make it route the call to my smartphone, so that it would ring when the land phone receives a call.

If you guys think none of my thoughts would be viable, I would accept any kind of suggestions, even the most weird ones involving interconnection between multiple and heterogeneous devices, hardwares, softwares, technologies, etc.

Thanks in advance!



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That's exactly what I wanted. I'd like to have build some sort of prototype of it, but according to the other guys' comments here and further research, I then realized it would take much more than I have or could learn for now.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation and ideas!

Vonage has an android app for their service that allows this called Vonage extensions for no extra cost. The app also allows you select call id mask for outgoing as your cell number if you want.


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hey bro

did you get successful in that project

You want to have a redirect so that calls to your land-line go to the smartphone instead.
If the 'phone company won't do it; you're looking at connecting another 'phone-device to the land-line that then connects to your smartphone....


Thanks lemonine.

I was thinking that I could have an arduino microcontroller acting as a bridge between my cordless phone (which would receive the call) and my smartphone.

I'm following some threads in a few arduino specialized forums, and this sounds possible. The call itself doesn't necessarily needs to be redirected to my phone. Arduino could receive the data from my smartphone and send it to the cordless phone base, and vice-versa.

I'll keep my research on this.

Hmm, it's a 'phone-'phone interface where I doubt that the Arduino could cope with the data-rate, before even thinking about the transmitter, receiver & software to drive it.


The solution your looking for is called Google Voice. They give you a single phone number that can ring to a specific line or all your lines at once. It doesn't wait to redirect the call it can direct the call immediately to your cell phone or have both the house and cell ring at the same time. I think you can even set it up to ring directly to a hotel room if your away on business.

None of your hardware idea will work. Your not going to be able to patch the call into your phone like that. You'll have to use a service like google voice.

Thanks for your suggestion, @mpilchfamily.

Google Voice is a voip service, it depends on a good Internet connection. Also, I would need to change my phone numbers (land and mobile).

I know that, in fact, they would be converted into a single one (which would be extremely nice, but that's not the idea of the solution I need to develop);

Well, I agree that the most practical solution for that scenario would be a service like that, but, as I stated in my question, it is for academic purposes, I need to build a solution for my current scenario, which is:

1) I have a land line (from Carrier A);
2) I have a mobile line (from Carrier B);
3) I want to answer land line calls on my mobile phone;

Any other thoghts on this?

How good are you with computers, coding and wi-fi networks. I don't know how you would go about making this happen i only know it is possible. You make sure you have a PC with a good old fax modem in it. The computer will then be set up to receive the call and transmit it over Wi-Fi to your phones IP address (assuming you have a smart phone otherwise this won't work). Your phone would then need an app that could take that data coming over Wi-fi and treat it like a regular call. But the PC would also need a driver telling it how to handle the data coming from your phones IP address and send the audio back through the fax modem. Like i said its a feasible idea but requires way more knowledge than i have.

Thanks again for your answers.

I understand what you suggested, and it does make sense to me. I'm a computer programmer and I am studing automation with Arduino microcontroller.

I read a few articles and post in arduino forums that made me think about using a fax modem for that too.

I'll keep researching on this and will post the results here if I make any progress.