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How to automatically control the baffles in my HVAC? Answered

I have three baffles in my HVAC duct lines that direct the air to either end of the first floor or upstairs.  I close the upstairs baffle in the winter forcing the heated air into the first floor.  The heated air naturally flows to the top floor, keeping both floors at a constant temp.  I reverse the process in the summer.  In the spring and the fall they need to be switch multiple times as we move from air conditioning to the furnace.

I'd like to automatically control all three baffles with a winter or summer setting.  Switch to summer, they adjust, switch to winter, they adjust.  They aren't hard to change, but I'd like to learn more about servo's, electronics, etc.  I have installed X10 in my home and currently operate lights and motion detectors from a program called SMARTHOME. I'd like to use my X10 RF to communicate the controls, but I'm open on this one.

Thanks in advance for any help!



I would use cheap gear motors like car window motors, limit switches and a power/control box. Wired right no need for computer control etc.

I would certainly use the "guts" of a servo to move the baffles, but I wouldn't use a servo on its own. They take power constantly, and might even wear out if used to drive a baffle. Making them work on X10 would be pretty easy, all you would need is probably an appliance module.