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How to be scene Answered

Scene is a style that if you are unaware of you can easily google and find and I am interested in this but I don't want to ruin my rep or hair or anything so I was hoping someone could make an instructable on how to be scene


Go to a "vintage" store, or "thrift" store, and buy faded tees. Skinny jeans. Oversized/overdecked purse. If you're afraid of color, add a piece.

You would think that I'm being sarcastic, but I'm not lying. It's easy, and cheap.

Yep, It makes perfect sense to me. Not tottally different than the way I approached it 20 years ago. (minus the purse, of course!)

Urban dictionary defines Scene as:

typical "scene" girl:

-choppy hair
-usually black
-septum ring
-has a myspace with pictures of her from crazy angles with a TUFF face on because shes so hardxcore
-goes to local shows all the time
usually they're just obnoxious (expletive deleted) girls who put on this "scener than thou" attitude and hate everyone else.

BUT, it you don't want to fit into that last category, you could always go by the advice in this link...

Try the link at the end of my post above.....that may help.

Why did my serious answer get ignored? :.-..(

Because you're too cool for you're own good! It may be hip to be square, but us round folks have bigger hips!

It isn't my hips that are round. I have been told I look like I am 8 months pregnant, and about to give birth to an 85 lb baby.....

Goodhart + Urban Dictionary = Undeniably Strange.

I guess I still hold some preconceieved thoughts about you, even after all this time! Like expecting you to quote the Times instead of the Urban Dictionary.

Oh, I'm gonna make an Incredibly Broad Thesausrus for the Unbelievably Illiterate! .... but then again, I'm afraid my intended audience wouldn't read it!

but then again, I'm afraid my intended audience wouldn't read it!

Um, if they are illiterate, they might not be ABLE to read it :-)

Yay! I thought no one would get that!

and no need for a spellchecker...Thesausrus
Hitting the saus? Don't drink and type.

My fingers get ahead of my brain at times.... ;-) That's my story and I'm sticking to it

Crap! I was at work and typing. Once at home, a couple of glasses of wine later, my typing improves greatly. I've been telling them they should let lus have a nip at work! I work for a FRENCH company for goodness sakes!

Goodness me, until I read that link I thought "scene" was a typo. It seems an entire subculture has passed me by so thoroughly that I didn't even feel the breeze.

Yeah, I don't see much of any of these kinds of things in my conservative neighborhood....but I found it on Google easily enough....

Wow, you sound like a "scene" expert, that's some great Googling!

Back in my day, scene meant something Totally different, didn't it Nacho? :-)

I've never heard of "scene" either. I hope it doesn't spread to Washington!

Urban Dictionary, once again being shockingly accurate.

Well, there are apparently 2 sub-genres; one that is nasty and one that tries to be civil.

At my school all of the scene kids seem to be rather whiny, but that may just be me confusing them with the emo kids. Haha, I really liked this article.


9 years ago

I think the best way is to just observe other scene people, take note of what they're wearing and *eep* copy it, as much of it is all similar anyway
You will always ruin your rep being scene though, people will either love you or hate you and also, I think ruining your hair is standard (depending if what you're meaning by "ruining" is styling it/dying it. check out the links:


Could you guys try to be nice! Don't make fun. It is just a request if you think it's stupid that's your opinion. I just really like the style no need to pick on me for it!

First of all, I apologise on behalf of the geezer faction. Being scene is an interesting thing. The easy route is just to mimic other kids that seem to be hip. But the route I always took was to aim for different. It makes you stand out from the crowd, and gives a hint at individuality. I used to wear a license plate necklace and patched together tie-bleached jeans, and an engineers cap. I stuck out like a sore thumb. But everyone was like, "I wish I had the courage to wear whatever I felt like. That's cool!" But if your goal is to fit in with the crowd, just buy some current magazines and imitate your role models.

First of all, I apologise in advance to schoolgirl867869 for the following

For skunkbait:
I am interested in this but I don't want to ruin my rep or hair or anything so I was hoping someone could make an instructable on how to be geezer

It's like a moth to a lightbulb...we gotta do what we gotta do...

I might be able to come up with something. But I'd need Kite, Nacho and Goodhart to colaborate.

It's the Geezer Federation! Jumpin' geriatrics Batman, I think I broke my hip!

Did you wear a real license plate? I guess that would have been tied around your neck with a real bike chain and masterlock. You must have been the alter ego of Flavor Flav with his big clock necklace.

Oh yeah. It was the old plate off my dad's '70 Falcon.

I didn't have a bike chain handy, but that would've been better. It was actually a protest against the school admins policies. It was my way of saying "You're treating me like a number, not a name." That was back in the early days of Flavo Flav, back when he was antiestablishment (and almost unheard of).

I'm sorry if you were offended - I don't think anybody was actually poking fun at your expense, most of it was quite self-deprecating.

Don't forget, not everybody here is too young to have a driving licence. Some of us are parents and grandparents (or Goodhart), which means that we aren't always entirely up to speed regading fashion, especially if it's on another continent (especially if it's on another continent).

Relax, youngling, and leave us oldies to our ramblings.

I had answered seriously.....the lack of response or acknowledgment may have spawned the joking about, as it didn't seem like the question was asked in earnest, as I had taken it at first. I am sorry about the conversation breaking down into joking about, but there really wasn't much else serious that could be added to the initial information I posted. What else could we do ?

As a representative of many that may be a generation or two older and more mature, I would offer our apologies for any ridicule you may endure. Please understand that this community is made up in general, of people that have this non-conformist quirk and do not follow trends. They are comfortable with who they are and have no need to be scene or categorized as anything else. And from my point of view, been past teen-age angst, did that, been there, bigger things you should be worrying about. Instructables is a creative outlet and gathering place for those who look to do something different and share. We focus our energy on making something out of the ordinary. I don't think any comments are made with ill intent. They may be sarcastic in that we do not have an understanding of the topic and will question why. Don't take it too hard and enjoy your stay.

IMHO an Instructable on how to be SCENE, would reflect the likes and dislikes of the Author and most probably would not be pleasing to your desires. This is your opportunity to be creative , Google all info you can find that has the flavor of your personal choices. Make up a folder and file the various Items that you would class as attributes, Then sequentially from beginning to final Scene, assemble all requirements in an Instructable and post it. This will achieve what you have ask for , It will be a guide for others to follow and best of all it will be pleasing to you. I am in no way picking on you. Caitlinsdad has summed up the general attitude of the older people . Believe me when I say, We all replied to this topic to protect you from some of the things that have caused us grief when we were younger. How would this look in the comments section of your I'ble ? (1) COOL,!! super job on this.! (2) Best way to get a job done Do it yourself. (3) This is awesome, maybe you should be in fashion design Best of luck to you ,Please be Carefull

I could do an ible on how to be OBscene. :-)


9 years ago

  • The smile is always noticeable.
Hasn't it been a while since a smile was "fashionable" in any genre? Assorted glares and stares, perhaps, but not a smile... :-(

People used to know who they were, now it takes a lifetime of searching for a place to fit. If they could realize at a young age , That Like Popeye, I am what I Am and thats all that I Am. My mission in life is to do that which i am most talented at doing and to pursue an Education that will enhance my natural abilities. Social life is important but for one to select a dress code that equals all other members of the group does 2 things. it makes you no better than the worse member. That being so means you are less than you were. BTW, This is my opinion, others may differ.

but I don't want to ruin my rep...

Perhaps you should just be yourself then?

Things people do to get noticed, that's obscene.