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How to bend a house key, car key into a ring?? Help Answered

Hello, I would like to know how to bend a key into a ring. I have the yellow blowtorch that heats the metal faster and which makes the time quicker to heat the key. I'm not sure how long to keep it under th flame for and I need to know what type of hammer to use for the key. I have a ring mandrel and will soon be getting an anvil. Please let me know what hammer I would need for bending and shaping the key and how long I should keep the key under the flame.

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Lauren Kay


I would suggest doing some tests with keys which might not matter, If you know you are using brass keys, I would anneal it first (Heat it up to a dull red and let it cool naturally until you can comfortably handle it) and then try working it. You might have to anneal it a second time and then work it and maybe a third go around. It just depends how much stress you are putting into the metal by bending it. You'll know if you worked it too much if it cracks or breaks. It's called work hardening. Just like when you bend the tab on a pop can back and forth until it breaks off. If you have a key made of unknown metals, then you'll just have to experiment as all I could give is an uninformed idea. Brass should be able to get in to a very dull red state before it goes molten (a blob). I would think a regular blue bottle of propane gas would be able to get a key that hot, but I could be wrong. Sometimes it's easier to react to things when it all happens slower, but maybe the yellow bottle (MAP gas) is needed for the additional heat output. As for a hammer, a very common hammer for a goldsmith is a rawhide mallet. Maybe 1.5 inches round and a few inches long. Those aren't exact measurements, just something to give out an idea to go off of. I would suggest looking up info and watching videos on working with brass, annealing brass, bending brass, etc and that may give you the finer details that I don't have. Cheers

Very nice link. I learned a lot, I had no clue annealing copper was basically the opposite of annealing steel... I need to learn metallurgy.

Oh and we should start a pun appreciation club.

and so you are right. I've just heated up and air cooled before and that was enough for what I was doing, but yes, looks like I could of got it even softer if I would of water quenched it after getting it to the dull red heat.


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Most keys are made from soft metals like brass. Its usually coated with another metal so essentially is a mix of metals. It doesn't take much to work brass. In fact if you heat it to much it just might turn into a puddle. It can be cold hammered from what I know, which isn't a lot. Do a hardness test and if you can also identify the metals involved.

OP could smelt the key and cast it in a ring-shaped mold and work from there..

Bending a key into a ring???
Never mind...
I would not use a hammer for such a fragile job, instead I would use rollers.
Same way you bend sheet metal into a tube.
And before you try anything with that torch you should learn how mixed metal react when they get too hot.
You know, things like loosing the nickle plating, oxidation, melting and so on.
Also keep in mind that due to the profile of the key it is very easy to crack it when bending it, even when hot.

Bending a key into a ring???

Never mind...

Exactly what went into my mind when I read the title...