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How to bind a notebook so that I can add/remove pages? Answered

Has anyone any idea how can I bind a notebook's pages so that in the future I may remove/add them? I would prefer to do this without using binders because they are quite big and don't fit in my pocket...

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You could use something like this -> they are called spine bars. You can clamp your pages into the bar, take them out and put them back again. It should be easy to remove or add pages.


4 years ago

The easiest way might be to use no binding at all, but just put the lose pages in a small box like with playing cards. Or you can use the fancy business-card or credit-card holders. Coolest would be to make something yourself.

Your question did give me a cool idea for a binding method. I have to work that out. An Ible about it might follow. The idea is to use a piece of aluminum U-profile as the back of the binder with two holes in one side and two holes with slots on the other side. Put a piece of bungee with nots on both sides though the holes. Make in your paper also holes with slits and now it might be easy (or at least doable :) ) to ad and remove pages. (An Ible will probably explain it much clearer than this answer. Or it will show me that my theory doesn't work in real life :P )

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