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How to biuld a sine wave inverter? Answered

I need to build a sine wave inverter but i do not have the schematics.I need an assistance in this project.I can build a square wave inverter but it makes noise in the fan and does not surport my 29 inch television causing it to have frequent low current  problems.I heard that sine wave inverter is more efficient for home appliances.Please can some one help me with a simple diagram to build my own efficient sine wave inverter.Thank you all.


As Re-design says, use a sine-wave generator in lieu of the square-wave generator.  Any other way will just waste energy efficiency.

Also, you really shouldn't supply devices with square waves for mains.  While some devices will filter off any odd harmonics associated with square waves, others will not.  Due to the harmonic content of the square wave, it carries significantly more energy.  At best you have interference issues, at worst the excess harmonics cause overloading.

In the place where I live there are very frequent power outages and I have lived for years with a square wave inverter powering the household, including light, fan, TV, computer, etc. and never had any problems besides the fan being a bit more noisy, therefore I do not agree about it being a big problem to supply devices with square waves for mains. I agree that a sine wave is always much better, but square waves are also OK for most devices.

You just need to substitute a sine wave generator for your square wave generator.  Without knowing what you are using to do the generation I can't tell you how.

What safe guards are you building into your inverter?

Grounding?  Overload protection?  Isolation?