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How to block TV from other remote control? Answered

I live in an apartment building and today the TV turned on, changed channels, entered its set-up mode...apparently by itself! I'm guessing someone, somewhere is using a remote with a frequency my TV accepts.

Using its dedicated remote controller, i.e. not the cable-box' universal remote, I turned it off only to have it turn on again, and again, etc.

At one point the set failed to respond to my remote and wouldn't turn off when I attempted to power it off using the set's power button. At this point I pulled the plug.

Is there some way of altering the frequency or blocking other remotes...or something?



its haunted smash it and get a new one. try changing the batteries

ha, I've been working on the smash solution! - batteries are fine, it does its thing without batteries in the remote.

It appears to be the tact switches, as suggested in a slew of info boards - there are a row of them on the top and the off/on, located on the side, is the same style. Possibly aggravated by the heat and humidity.

I've been spraying them with rubbing alcohol and giving them a vigorous massage - the problem became more pronounced the longer the set was on. It's possible they gunk up over time without regular exercise, which they don't get because of the use of the remote and cable remote.

seems you have the best answer. Smashing is more fun though

If it starts playing tricks again, block the ir receive area on the tv with your hand and if it continues then open the remote and give the keypad a wipe with spirits, both the pcb and the rubber parts.

Thanks - it behaves the same way with the batteries removed - guilt seems to lie with the tact switches, which have rarely had use between the TV's remote and the cable box remote.

Removing the switches altogether and using a remote exclusively might be the most cost-effective answer.


Sounds like your TV has some electronic issues. The remote should be IR. So any other remote would need line of sight to the TV. I doubt it's happening because of someone else using a universal or same remote near by.

Thanks - yes, it is an IR control.

A Google search finds many people with a similar ghost-in-the-machine problem and a handful of suggestions....many of them different, though the consensus boils down to a problem with tact switches on the set itself or a capacitor that is beginning to fail.

I appreciate your response!