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How to block users and trolls on instructables? Answered

Recently I have had an apparent troll (I will not say who) post BS on many of my comments and answers, and obviously following me around here just to post 'mean' stuff to stir me up, and frankly after some time I am getting a little annoyed with it, since it is spamming my email with useless and inappropriate crap. After searching for a few minutes for an option, I did not come across any obvious "block" button, so I guess I am missing something.

Also, will blocking users only make it so I do not see their replies, or will it disable the "reply" button entirely for them? Thank you in advance.



Best Answer 3 years ago

Instructables doesn't do blocking in the public forums or I'bles comments. If they are sending you PM's you can block them (look at one of their messages, and in the upper right corner you'll see a "Block this user" link).

You can [FLAG] their comments as Inappropriate, and Staff will go through and either remove those comments or not.

I see. Thats too bad, hopefully he does not give me much more trouble. Thanks!

Sadly, the trolls are everywhere. I have also run across two trollish users; one who reverts to angry name-calling if anyone suggests a better choice in her instructables (it's been a couple of years, I wonder if she's still planning to spit on anything I post - her hate list must be pretty long by now) and the other leaves mean and rude comments on any question he considers stupid. He even sent me a hate message when I flagged his venomous answer to another user's question about house paint. Made me glad we live in different countries.

A troll isn't someone who disagrees with you.

He did not disagree with me, he simply got really mad at an answer I posted, blamed me for plagiarizing his work, like I was stealing his beef, and then started posting on all my comments since, then I see his posts were getting deleted, so I know I am not the only one who thinks he was trolling.

Well he does disagree with what I post, which I do not mind, I am open minded and are always quenching to learn new stuff, but you can tell when someone posts stuff to you when they are clearly trying to stir you up.

"Your life experiences are fascinating and detailed but no real discreet LED's, resistors, transistors, etc....Eagerly expecting your onslaught of a response soon."- troll

Perhaps this is incorrect, but for this specific example, I read this with a sarcastic tone for where I was simply stating how I got started in electronics, with a 200-in-one kit.