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How to blow a pdf image to full size? Answered

I would like to know if there is a way to make a pdf image full size ?????


There are a lot of variables that will affect quality, mainly what resolution the image is (that's embedded in the PDF), what the scale it is in your PDF, permissions settings, and what kind of printer you have (and software at your disposal, etc). The easiest thing might be to adjust the scale in your printer settings until you have the output you need.

If you have Adobe Illustrator, you can sometimes extract the image from a PDF. I haven't needed to try this in years, but it's worth trying if you have the software. You used to be able to extract the images directly using Acrobat Pro, but again I haven't used that in years.

Another thing you can try is, while viewing it in Acrobat or Preview (on a Mac), to export the entire page that holds the image, making it into a raster-based image (like a JPG) that you can crop. I would try this last, because, unless you know the exact resolution at which it was saved into the PDF, the scale of it's translation would most likely be a little bit off. If you try this and image quality is important (not a reference for a template or something like that), then use the highest resolution you can manage to maintain quality. Then you can load this image into something like PhotoShop and have some control in trimming it to fit your printer's output.

Without seeing the image or knowing your software it's impossible to say, but I hope this gives you some ideas to try. Good luck!

take snapshot using one of many O/S level screen capture programs, then import the result into a program like photoshop or Paint.net and resize the image. Eventually, you'll run into pixelization issues, due to the limited data form which you are magnifying the image, but often times, you can achieve surprising levels of re-size without too much ugly.


On a printout, you can choose "actual size." As opposed to "fit to page." Hope that's helpful.