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How to bring more light into the hallway by cutting panels into interior doors and installing frosted acrylic panels? Answered

Three hallway doors with large amount of outside light coming in. I want to bring that light into the hallways by installing frosted acrylic or pelixiglass panels in the doors. Rather than buy pre-made doors, I want to use the existing doors, save money and save landfills.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Are the doors hollow core or solid core doors? It's going to make a difference. If they are hollow core then they are basically two thin pieces of plywood seperated by the outer frame. When you cut an opening in them you will have to fill between the plys around the opening to give you something to screw into. For hollow core doors I would make one bigger opening and use trim on both sides of the opening to hold the frosted plastic. You would probably have to shim out to the frame. If solid core you can make the openings as you like and you just have to use molding on each side to finish it out and hold the glass in. If these frosted glass openings will be opening into a bedroom eventhough you can't see thru the frosted glass the occupant of that room will notice a feel of less security and privacy. Some might even go as far as refusing to undress in front of it.

The more traditional approach for homes is transom windows above the doors, which may feel a trifle more private and may also help encourage airflowwhen the door is closed. Outside of that, the other answers you've gotten look good to me.

Could do. Study your doors carefuly - They MAY be little more than a hard board front and back and egg box inside. in that case - Dump them. if solid you can convert.