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How to build a Gamecube Portable using the LCD screen and case from iBook G4 Apple Laptop? Answered

I would like to use an iBook G4 17" for the majority of the housing and screen for the portable. Heard I need an FPGA converter board to switch from VGA on the gamecube side to LVDS on the laptop side. I would like advice on how to best do that and also what kind of power supply I could use to run this system internally. External would be ok but internal even better! I have a gamecube and the iBook G4 already. 



Best Answer 5 years ago

This question gets asked almost daily.

A laptop lcd virtually always uses a proprietary wiring connection and protocol to drive the pixels since the driver is mashed in with the video card on the motherboard.
I'm not trying to be rude in saying if you don't know that, you won't find the code or ability to program an FPGA to do the conversion. There's a reason it isn't done often/ever - and it's because it's simply not worth the hassle compared to buying an LCD with standard inputs. I know the point of this site and the hacker mentality is 'to do it because we can' - but even an EE genius with the time and parts to spare wouldn't bother because its cheaper to get the monitor with the correct inputs. Yes, obviously it can be done with the datasheets and the time and money, but its a BEHEMOTH task for someone who knows ALL the ins and outs of all the hardware involved.

Thank you for your time. Kinda realized I wasted money after I bought but thought maybe there was a hope. Guess I'm stuck saving up again. Again, thanks for your help!

You're welcome, sorry I can't give specific how-to advice on it...I wish there was a better upcycling option for all those screens but it's just not feasible.