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How to build a USB pendrive at home? Answered

I want to make 16GB USB flash drive (pendrive) at home. But I don't know which chip is used to make a pendrive. So please provide me the information as if which chip should be used and also any other hardware to be used to make a pendrive. Also I want step by step tutorial to build a pendrive.

Thanks in advance.


Maybe you can with a Flash Memory Chip!

Maybe you could, but you'd spend 10 times as much money and uncounted hours working under a magnifying glass, and you'd wind up with something less reliable and far bulkier than the $10 flashdrives in the store.

Basically, you can't. You won't be able to buy the chip on small quantities, it will also be an extremely fine pin surface mounted part, on a very thin PCB.

Yhea you can't feesibly do that

Try buying a 16Gb drive and pulling it apart, that make your tut on Customising a pen drive